Targeting audience:
  • Students, Interns.
  • Neurophysiology technician
  • Neurology &Internal medicine residents .
  • Neurologist .(Specialist and consultants).
Dr, Hind Alnajashi
Dr, Abeer Khoja
Welcome Letter

Dear colleagues:

Neurology is a dynamic science. Every year, there are a stag-gering number of critically important updates. Therefore, we are very proud to host the first annual neurology update symposium In collaboration with the Saudi Society of Neurology (SNS). You will enjoy a very active discussion and cutting-edge lectures on various updates in stroke, movement disorder, neuromuscular disorder, headaches, dementia, epilepsy, and multiple sclerosis. These updates are presented as brief talks to allow the audience to gain insight into various updates in a one-day conference.

annual neurology updates.

Speakers and Moderators

Dr. Hind Alnajashi

Associate professor of Neurology and multiple sclerosis, Head of neurology division , KAU

Dr. Abeer Abdulla Khoja

Consultant Neurologists and Epileptologist /EEG Neurology Assistant Professor, KAU

Prof. Ayasha Alshreef

Professor and consultant of Neurology & neuromuscular disorder, KAU

Dr .Ahmad Abuzinadah

Associate Professor and Consultant Neurology , Neuromuscular , clinical neurophysiology , autonomic disorder, KAU

Dr. Abdulrhaim Alshehri

Associate Professor. Consultant of Internal Medicine, Neurology & Movement Disorders, KAU

Dr. Omar Ayoub

Associate Professor Consultant Neurology ,Stroke, Neurocritical Care , KAU.

Dr. Haythum Osama Tayeb

Associate Professor in Neurology, Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurophysiology (Epilepsy) King Abdulaziz University

Dr. Alaa Alotaibi

Neurology and multiple sclerosis consultant ,King Abdulaziz University

Dr. Ghada Monir Abbas

Neurologist & Epilepstologist King Abdulaziz University

Dr. Saeed A. Alghamdi

Consultant Neurologist King Abdulaziz Medical City Assistant Professor of Neurology and Internal Medicine King Saud Bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences,Jeddah,Saudi Arabia

Dr. Naif Alharbi

Stroke and Interventional Neurologist Program Director of Saudi Neurology Board at King Fahd General Hospital

Dr. Nouran Taher

Stroke/neurology consultant King Abdul Aziz medical city Riyadh

Dr. Areej Bushnag

Consultant neurologist and neuromuscular King Faisal specialist hospital and research center, Jeddah

Dr. Nawal Asiri

Neurology & Epilepsy consultant King Abdullah Medical complex

Dr. Ahmed Hasan Althobaiti

Neurology and multiple sclerosis Consultant at King Saud Medical City.,Riyadh

Dr. Seraj Makkawi

Assistant Professor and Consultant Neurologist King Saud bin Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Jeddah

Dr. Ahmad Abu Laban

Assistant Professor of Neurology Neuroimmunology and Neurophysiology Consultant King Saud bin-Abdulaziz University for Health Sciences, Riyadh

Dr. Ahmad Basondwah

Neurology consultant at King Faisal Specialist hospital and research centre (KFSH&RC) Jeddah.

Dr.Abdulaziz Alsaman

Pediatric neurology and neuromuscular consultant, King Fahd medical city Riyadh

Dr. Ahmed Bamaga

Consultant and assistant professor of Pediatric neurology, Neuromuscular medicine, Autoimmune neurology,KAU

Dr.Adnan Badahdah

Assisstant professor and neurology, neuromuscular consultant University of Jeddah

Dr.Ahmed Attar

Consultant neurologist King Abdulazi medical city, Jeddah

Dr.Yasmin Bockh

Neuroradiology consultant at International medical centre hospital

Dr. Yusr Mair

Neuroradiology consultant at International medical centre hospital

Dr. Dareen Alshaer

Neurology Senior Registrar King Abdulaziz hoospital

Dr. Wejdan Balubaid

Neurology Specialist and educator University of Jeddah

Dr. Omnyah Albaradei

Neurology Senior Registrar Herra hospital

Dr.Hessa Alotaibi

Neurology Senior Registrar King Fahed general hospital

Dr. Saud Daghreeri

Senior Registrar of Neurology King Faisal Medical City

Dr.Hussien Alkully

Neurology senior Registrar King Abdullah Medical complex
annual neurology updates.